Our Company


The distinctive yellow of the sun, the deep blue of the sky and sea, the beautiful shades of red that mark the end of a day and the beginning of a new one, the nude tones of sand, the long rays of sun kissing your skin, the sound of the waves and birds flying above the horizon, your salty lips and skin, the bonfires, the music that accompanies you during endless parties, your beloved ones and the new discoveries, the freedom, the remembrance of old memories and the making of new special moments. This is the Sunshine State. This is South Beach Brewing.


If you pretend to be somebody you’re not, eventually you’ll get caught. So we’re going to tell you with 100% accuracy, who we are:

  1. We are in the service business. Our goal is to help you create amazing memories.

  2. We love making beers that taste great and are easy to drink.

  3. We love good people.

  4. We are patriotic and love the USA.

  5. We love our armed forces, veterans and first responders.

  6. We like to create.

  7. We love the beach, white sand, teal colored water, blue skies, the bright yellow sun, coconut palm trees, vacations, bikinis, bathing suits and flip flops (baseball cap optional).

  8. Brewing is an art form, but our art form doesn’t end with our formulas, it extends to our packaging. We believe all five senses are necessary to experience our beers.  A special thank you goes out to to our Art Director, David Le Batard “Lebo,” for bringing our beers visually to life.  You will see his artwork not only throughout our brand (from tap handle to cans and bottles), but throughout all our merchandise and on the walls of our brewpub.

  9. We believe natural is better and it’s important that businesses support their local communities and American farmers. For this reason, we’ve added Florida Orange Juice to many of our recipes.

  10. We believe in saying, “Thank You.” Thank you to all who made our dreams a reality. The list includes our investors who believe in us and ALL of you!

  11. We love dogs…and great music!


Did you think we’d be this egotistical and create a section all about us? After all, it’s really up to you to tell us what we’re about. Your personal experience at our brewpubs and where our beers are sold matters. Your opinion of our beers matter. Through experience, knowledge is created and we need your experience to tell us what we’re about so feel free to share your comments with us. However, for those of you who haven’t visited our brewpub or drank our beer, below is who we want to be:


South Beach Brewing Company is not your average brewpub, nor do we serve your average beer. Come visit us at and our “Bungalow” at 210 11th Street (between Collins and Washington) in South Beach to find out why. If your expectations aren’t met, we’re one block away from the beach so jump in the ocean and cool off. But before you do, please provide us with your feedback as without you, there is no us and our goal is to please you! [email protected]